Stop Just Posting, And Start Selling On Facebook!


You Know Where To Connect With You Customers…

By now you know the easiest way to connect with some of your best customers is on Facebook.   Facebook is simple, easy to use, and most importantly, it’s where your customers are already. (some of them 24/7!!)

And You Used To Know How To Best Connect With Your Customers

old telephone

In the past, the strategy to attract and engage with new and existing customers has been to post strings of pics from your smartphone to your facebook page, and then hope.

The hope has been that one of those target customers would…
1. See something that strikes their fancy (or maybe share it with a potential customer)
2. Call your shop
3. Stop by to see the item in person
4. Hopefully make a purchase

But Now You Are Posting More Than Ever, With Fewer And Fewer Results

computer frustration

If you and your competition are all using the same strategies, It’s no wonder you are seeing a drop in effectiveness.

Let’s be clear! You are in business and succeeding in business is all about constantly refining and improving your strategies.

So why are you still using the same strategies if they aren’t working as well?

Because you are trying to run a business in a very competitive space and you have about 7652 other things to try and squeeze into the day.

But…Few things are as important to your success as making sales.

A lot of sales can fix a lot of problems.

It Is Time To Stop Posting, And Start Selling On Your Facebook Page


Adding Ecommerce to your antique business can sound really daunting.
• From choosing the products your customers want,
• To evaluating availability and pricing
• To building, launching and growing sales.

There can be a lot of moving parts to put together.

And The Folks At Shopify Just Made It Easier.

Shopify Tools were made for the Antiques industry. They know you are managing an overloaded schedule, and stretching every dollar to meet your business goals.

Whether your business plans are calling for an amazing ecommerce website or simply being able to ACTUALLY sell items to your customers on Facebook. Shopify provides entrepreneurs just like you with resources to simplify these processes so you can build, launch and grow a profitable business.

We’re Talking 3 Minutes And A Free 14 Day Trial Easy…

Shopify Free Trial Button

With your free trial you will immediately be able to begin actually selling your Antiques, Vintage Items, and Collectibles easily and quickly through your most profitable channels.

Sell directly from your Facebook Page

• Showcase and sell your products on Facebook by adding a fully integrated store to your Facebook page.
• Add your products to Facebook with just one click. Product details, images, and inventory automatically sync as soon as you make an update in Shopify.
• Grow your reach and your community through product posts.
• Incentivize engagement and clicks by using an app to run giveaways and promos through Facebook tabs.

Even sell directly through Facebook Messenger !!

• Shopify gives your customers the power to browse, and even buy your products directly through Messenger.
• Customers can make purchases, ask you questions, and get automatic order tracking & shipping updates.
• Create a personal connection with each customer, with all of your communication in one thread.



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