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A Junkers Life For Me

A Junkers Life For Me

Barbara briggs junkers life stacks of antiques

“Trends change, people change, but the hunt is the same!” – Barbara Briggs, Upscale-Resale

So Little Time

There are so many  Flea Markets, Juried Shows, Consignment shops or Co-Ops, Booths in  antique malls or stand alone stores….and so little time.  From Industrial Up-Cycle.. French/European Country, Primitive, Victorian, Art Deco, even Mid-Century Modern these are all Vintage Looks and Styles the possibilities are endless…. AND ….

barbara briggs junkers life antique bird cage protector

Hard Work And A Lot Of Love

As a vendor who brings you these treasures, my team works long and hard, as a labor of love…. We drive, we hunt, we find, we buy, we fix, i.e. paint, upholster, refinish, re-invent, up-cycle, re-cycle, bicycle( wait a minute!) well you get the picture.  Many of us have to keep supplies, paint and tools on hand to bring you wonderful treasures ready for use.

Watch for further articles from Barbara Briggs and UpScale-ReSale; including project instructions, fix ups, and shipping tips!

About Barbara and Upscale-Resale

Barbara Briggs photo

As a child I started going to Auctions, Flea Markets, Antique Stores you name it with my mom, aunt and cousins. Many years later I still do!   My love of  “the business” has only grown through the years.

Even through college, careers, and raising families, we continued to furnish our homes with the wonderful treasures we found “junking,” With our families grown, our mothers’ still full of spirit and me leading a bi-coastal existence…. yup you guessed it, junk junk junk!

Over the years I have had a stand alone store, a space in an Antique Mall, Joined a Co-Op and have done consignments.   As the business continues to evolve, so do I.   Now I use social media, ecommerce sites,  as well as brick and mortar venues.

These Days I travel all over the South West and West Coast participating in several shows a year bringing treasures from the east coast! I also consign in The Primitive Barn in Linden, Ca.

Those Cousins I mentioned…, going junking in N.Y. With them in 2 weeks oh yeah our moms want to tag along!